Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trusting and Waiting

My Bibles footnoe in Micah says, "Choosing to live a life apart from God is amking a commitment to sin. Sin leads to judgement and death. God alone shows us the way to eternal peace. His discipline often keeps us on the right path."
We have a choice! Life or death-Christ or Satan. We can only serve one master! On the subject of is priceless. I am not as disciplined as I should be and am not trying to lead anyone to believe I am more disciplined than I really am. I am beng honest to all and before my Maker-to whom I am soley responsible to. I am not out to impress anyone. I do not claim to have attained it all.... I am praying that God will send some godly friends to me to help hold me accountable. However, I am learning over and over that I only need Him (its a lesson we have to continue to rest in). People will let you down---God never will! Whatever it takes-I must spend quality time seeking after God---DAILY and time in prayer DAILY-
Lord as I seek after you, not friends, position or influence, power, honor, recognition,accountability...but, as I seek after me to not be sidetracked. Help me to use your time wisely and to the fullest. Help me to balance my personal time with you along with my full time job, my family, and sleep. Help me to walk away from ungodly motives, conversations, situations, and the likes. Help me to rest in you, wait for and with you, trust in you, and be in awe of you. I long for your near to me and help me to be near to you!