Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am amazed at and encouraged by the boldness of Paul! I just want to sit in the first chapters of Galatians and take it all in. I have (for too long) allowed circumstances, the church, and others to bring me down (not morally-but emotionally and spiritually). No one is to blame but myself. I am thankful for my husband and those from my past that have modeled spiritual disciplines and have lived their lives with a strong passion for Christ. I have been waiting on God to send some people like that into my life....and haven't been focused on living my own life passionately for Him. How'd that happen? too busy and not as disciplined as I should be. Thank you God for never leaving me, for seeing me through everything, and for having a personal relationship with me! Help me to not forget that it is not about me but it's all about you-Your message that lives in me! NOW that's powerful!

....Yes 4 is amazing that 1 God has a plan for our lives and 2 He is fully capable of carrying out those plans....if we will submit our lives to Him and seek Him daily. I am just amazed at the level of boldness of some of the biblical just don't see boldness like that today. Working in a secular field, it is tough to balance love and boldness. I just need to stop trying to balance them myself and just be obedient and let God balance it for me.

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4 Little Hoots said...

Boldness in Christ comes not in words alone but in deeds. How we live out our daily life can be an example of boldness. Do you follow the crowd and just do what everyone else does or do you seek God in all your decision. It is easy to say, but hard to do every day in our walk. You are right when you say it is easy to let others bring you down. We homeschool and that alone brings questions and comments that are critical. If we have sought God with our decisions, than we can hold fast to what we believe is God's call. I have a blog where I posted how we were called to homeschool. It was not my first choice. But when God calls, you follow. He also equips those He has called, which is a great comfort. you can read more at